Mango Fruitsicles

Frozen Mango on a stick

While on vacation in Victoria on Canada Day this year, I kept seeing people walking by with a frozen mango on a stick.  "Yum", I said to my family, "I want one of those".  While I never found the vendor, the thought stayed with me throughout the trip.  Mangoes are high in vitamin A and C and contain a host of other beneficial nutrients, you can't say that of a popsicle!  

This is such an easy, refreshing treat on a hot day!  While I am sure you can use a popsicle stick to make these, I used a fork, thinking it may be sturdier.  Peel your mango, place a fork or popsicle stick into the mango beside the pit, for children you may want to use mango halves, wrap in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn, allow to freeze and voila!  A frozen treat for a hot afternoon!  Enjoy!

Thanks to my son Zach for being the mango model even headless!